Apple Butter Cake with Maple Cinnamon Glaze (grain free, gluten free, dairy free)


May I introduce one of the most talented and creative food photographers & recipe developers of the blogging sphere?! Please welcome Erin from Texanerin Baking! I have been following Erin’s blog for a long time; in fact, Erin is the one who got me into food blogging. I contacted her one day to ask her about her stunning food photography – assuming she was a trained photographer but it turns out that Erin taught herself all these amazing skills. Take a look at her Halloweeen Gluten and Grain free Chocolate Spiderweb Cupcakes recipe! It’s one of my all time favorites! Or these grain free Black Forest Cupcakes. To die for! One thing I can tell you for sure is that Erin’s recipes are always 100% guaranteed to turn out great! Needless to say I am extra-excited to have Erin as my first guest blogger on The Clean Dish. Please go visit Erin at Texanerin Baking and check out her blog!

Hi everyone! My name is Erin and I blog over at Texanerin Baking. I’m all about healthier baking and I post a mix of whole grain and grain-free recipes. I don’t need to eat gluten-free and so for me to like a grain-free recipe enough to post it – it has to be pretty amazing! And this recipe is no exception.

Today I have a super moist apple butter cake, full of fall flavor and naturally sweetened with maple syrup. And on top? Some incredible maple cinnamon glaze!

A few weeks ago, I made Homemade Apple Butter and since then, I’ve been baking up a storm with it. My apple butter didn’t have any added sweetener at all in it, so if you use store bought apple butter, this cake will definitely be quite a bit sweeter than intended. It’s not that sweet to begin with so it probably won’t be overly sweet!

The maple cinnamon glaze is based off of this yummy Maple Cinnamon Almond Butter. You roast the almonds and then process them in a food processor with maple syrup, cinnamon, vanilla and a little coconut oil. Hands down the best powdered sugar free glaze I’ve ever had. It even hardens a little like a regular glaze!

My only regret is that I didn’t make about 50% more and just smother the cake in it. I’m thinking that would have been a good move.


This recipe is enough to fill a bundt pan. I’m sure you could double the recipe for a regular 12-cup bundt pan, but I’m unsure of the baking time. I’m guessing it’d be around 50 – 60 minutes. Or you could make these as cupcakes! Bake for 14 – 16 minutes. It’ll yield 16 cupcakes.

Be sure to grease your bundt pan very, very well. My cake didn’t want to come out without putting up a fight first. I had to coax it out by running a knife around the edge of the pan.

I hope you enjoy the cake. :) Thanks for having me today and I hope to see you over at Texanerin Baking soon!


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  1. Susan says

    If I wanted to bake a dessert, this one would be it. The recipe sounds wonderful. Unrefined coconut oil has a definite coconut flavor, but I think it would just blend in nicely and quietly with the other ingredients.

  2. says

    I love both this recipe and the stunning photos 😀 I feel like I could reach out and grab a piece of this yummy looking apple butter cake!
    Love the guest post, I think I’ve found a new blog to follow :)

  3. Joyce says

    not a fan of coconut and yes I can taste it. super sensitive taste buds or something. got a substitute for the coconut flour? would almond butter work? or garbanzo flour?

  4. Linda says

    Thanks for the recipe. Even gluten-eaters liked it! I was too lazy to make the apple butter, so I used a no added sweetener apple butter that I bought at the store. I often think baked goods that contain more than a few tablespoons of coconut flour are really hard to swallow, but with the moisture of the apples, this recipe turned out great. Thanks!

  5. Bettie says

    I must have done something very wrong with this recipe as my cake, which I couldn’t successfully remove from the pan (it came out in halves, even coaxing it with a thin bladed knife) was dry and heavy. I am new to gluten free baking, so perhaps, I haven’t yet mastered the secrets of working with coconut and almond flours. I weighed out my ingredients in grams as I don’t always trust volume measurements. Maybe I should have sifted the flours, although I gave them a good whisk. Since I have wrist issues, I used my kitchen aid to mix the batter, on a very low setting. When giving the batter a few extra strokes with my spatula, I noticed the eggs hadn’t fully incorporated. I didn’t have enough unrefined coconut oil, so I measured out canola oil in grams. I thought this would be a safe substitution. The batter didn’t look very good going into the pan. It baked for 30 miinutes, as per the recipe. I managed to salvage the apple chunks, so all was not lost. Any thoughts? Thanks!

    • Rose says

      Hi Bettie, I am sorry the cake didn’t turn out for you!
      I generally struggle with getting cake out of the pan – gluten free or not, it’s always a challenge for me so I’m the wrong person to ask — but I’m sure Erin who developed this recipe will have a few tips for you; I’ll ask her opinion :) Thanks for your feedback, Bettie!

      • Bettie says

        Thank you,, Rose. Perhaps Erin will shed some light on how to make this cake taste as yummy as it looks!
        Best, Bettie.

    • says

      I’m sorry that it didn’t come out for you! Bundt cakes can sometimes be tricky to get out of the pan. The only thing you can do is really grease it well. And then when you think it’s enough, grease it some more!

      Although I do use canola oil sometimes, I don’t use canola oil and coconut oil interchangeably because the end product doesn’t always come out the same. But I don’t think it’d cause such a big problem! Did you use apple butter and not apple sauce? Because apple sauce has a lot more moisture and would cause the cake to be heavier and dense. Or were your eggs extremely large or your apples super, super juicy? That’s all I can think of.

      I’d say it was the recipe if it hadn’t gotten just positive reviews on it up until now (you can read some here. I’m sorry I don’t have more of a definite answer for you!

  6. says

    Do you think you could sub brown sugar instead of maple syrup? I don’t want to use my precious maple syrup in a cake haha, but I also have agave which might work. Thoughts?

    • Rose says

      Hi Nicole! I would go with agave – just because it’s a liquid sweetener (otherwise, I’m not a huge fan of agave but that’s a different story 😉 ). I hope this helps!! If not, you could pop over to and ask the master of all bakers, Erin. She developed this recipe :) Thanks for stopping by!!

  7. Mallory Drew says

    Looks delicious and perfect for next week! One quick question anyone who has made the recipe, what kind of apples did you use? Thank you!

  8. Sally says

    Hi, this recipe turned out great. I used agave maple flavored syrup for the maple syrup, and homemade apple butter. The glaze was real thick, but I just frosted my cupcakes with it. Even my husband liked the moistness! Thanks.


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