No-Mayo Egg Salad

Egg salad! Creamy, rich and flavorful egg salad. I hadn’t even thought about egg salad in years until my friend Cameron mentioned that she had made some the other day and all the sudden, I couldn’t get egg salad off my mind!

Call me crazy but I do believe that your body tells you what it needs. Quick anecdote: when I was in college, my diet wasn’t all that great. I was a fulltime student and worked two part time jobs; nutrition was not my top priority. One day, I woke up and I was craving beets. I’m usually not a huge fan of beets but that day, all I could think about was juicy, pickled beets!

So I ate beets. A lot of them! That same week, I had a full blood exam and I was surprised when I got my results: I had a major iron deficiency. My doctor told me that the count was so low, I had to start taking supplements immediately. That marks the beginning of my food journey – I believe that I was craving beets because I needed iron (among other nutrients). My body knew before I did.

So back to my egg salad: I’ve been fairly active these past few days; I started training for a half marathon and I’ve eaten more vegan than usual; I wouldn’t be surprised if my body simply needed some animal protein or any of the other nutritional benefits of eggs. It’s funny how these things work! (Note: I do believe you can get all the protein you need from a plant based diet (which doesn’t stop me from craving meat, dairy and eggs from time to time 😉 ). I talk about it more in my Kiwi Sunflower Sprout Juice post).

As for replacing mayonnaise in egg salad, I resorted to the same substitutes I used for my No-Mayo Chicken Salad: Humus and Greek yoghurt as the main players and a few other ingredients to round it off.

We have thoroughly enjoyed our no-mayo egg salad with home made grain free pita bread (recipe will be posted soon!) and I hope you’ll enjoy it, too!

No-Mayo Egg Salad


No-Mayo Egg Salad
  • 8 hard-boiled (organic) eggs
  • ½ cup humus
  • ½ cup Greek yoghurt
  • 2 teaspoon prepared mustard
  • ½ teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • salt, pepper
  1. Chop eggs and place in a medium size bowl.
  2. In a small bowl, combine all remaining ingredients, then stir into chopped eggs.
  3. Refrigerate and serve chilled.

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  1. Suzanne says

    Great idea! I made egg salad today too! I make it with homemade mayonnaise and serve with raw vegetable sticks in our lunch boxes. Looking forward to that grain free pita recipe!

    • Rose says

      Hi Suzanne!
      Homemade mayonnaise – yum! I have never made any but would like to try it out.
      I am still working on the grain free pita recipe but will post it as soon as it’s ready :)

      • Suzanne says

        I’ve tried numerous online recipes. I like this one, and it’s really easy. I love using it when making the no-tato cauliflower salad. I teally takes only a few minutes – and wait for the compliments when you announce that it is homemade mayo!

        Homemade Mayo (I call it stick blender mayo)
        1 organic egg
        250 mL organic olive oil*
        Juice of half a big lemon
        15 mL white wine vinegar (red wine vinegar makes a nice pink mayo :0)
        5 mL dry mustard
        Pinch of salt
        Pinch of white pepper
        1 mL Paprika (optional)

        In a tall container (like the one that comes with your stick blender (wide enough to comfortably accommodate the blender), or a tall mason jar) combine the ingredients in the order given.
        Without switching it on yet, put the stick blender all the way into the container and then turn it on. Mayo will start to emulsify right in front of your eyes! Whiz for about a minute, slowly moving up and down until all ingredients are incorporated. Keep in the fridge for a week, in a sealed glass container.
        *I sometimes use 2/3 olive oil, and 1/3 grape seed oil

        • Rose says

          Suzanne! This looks fantastic! I must give it a try. I have a feeling my husband is going to LOVE it. And I love all the ingredients!!
          Thanks so much for sharing. You should start your own blog – I believe this type of stuff is what most people are looking for – homemade, clean food! :)

          • Suzanne says

            I don’t have time to do an official blog -just a little one and share only with family, in my home language, Afrikaans. But I live in Canada. I have celiac and crohns disease, so I must make all my food from scratch and I experiment lots.
            Love your yummy recipes, thanks!

          • Rose says

            Suzanne, I’m sorry to hear your conditions! It sounds like you know exactly how to handle it, though :)
            I’m glad you like my recipes!

          • Jane says

            Hi Rose – i love this idea for egg salad without mayo. I do a similar recipe but i use mshed avocado instead of hummus, and add fresh dill.

          • Rose says

            Jane, I have yet to try avocado in place of mayo! Sounds delicious! Thanks for the tip :)

    • says

      Your blog is EVERYTHING. I really appreciate all the dressing and sauce recipes, sort of like this one. When I first started bring mindful about eating clean, I really struggled with finding dressings and sauces that would fit into my diet so thanks for helping me out!

      After following your blog and others like it for so long, I finally decided to start my own, I’d really appreciate if you checked it out!

    • Anna McWhirter says

      Hi, I noticed you said you use homemade mayonaise. Would you mind giving me the recipe? Thanks :)

  2. Katrin says

    Hello Rose, that looks delicious! Especially on this fantastic looking bread :) Would you post the recipe as well? 😀

    • Rose says

      Hi Katrin!
      I’m still working on the bread recipe. It came out good but not good enough to post! I’ve been using a different (no grain) flour combination and need to work on the ratio :)
      But I promise to post it as soon as it’s ready! :)

    • Rose says

      Hi Peter!
      I mix the hummus in the egg salad. It tastes sooo good!
      Swapping out mayo for Greek yoghurt works so well, doesn’t it?!
      Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Susan says

    I agree with you completely that your body tells you what you need. It’s good that you were able to pay attention and learn that lesson. Not everyone can or wants to do that.

    The egg salad sounds very nice. I would enjoy it, but my husband has a set-in-concrete idea of what egg salad should be, so this one won’t be happening here any time soon. :-(

    • Rose says

      Angie, that’s correct! In my opinion, paleo only works if you eat A LOT of meat which I don’t! So I include legumes and other non-paleo foods in my diet :)

  4. Willow says

    Great idea. I made my own egg salad recipe and substitute fat-free ranch dressing for the mayo. Worked pretty slick.

  5. says

    Hummous eggs, THAT is clever, and holy smoke you have a way with photography 😀 It looks so pretty! Whenever I take pictures of egg salads it always looks a little…well mushy, tasty mush but it’s so much better when presented like this, makes you happy when you serve it up 😀 Right, I’m gonna make egg salad, it’s time for elevensies ^ ^ x

    • Rose says

      Ha! These pictures are fairly old but I’m glad you like them. Yes, go ahead and have yourself some egg salad, girl, you deserve it 😉

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