Spinach Nutmeg Pie with Wild Salmon {Vegetarian Option}

Spinach Nutmeg Pie with Wild Salmon {Vegetarian Option}

We’re in desperate need of healthy freezer meals! Mainly because we do not have time to cook everyday but what concerns me even more is this: My soldier is at work all day and does not get to come home for lunch. He works at Fort Bragg which – I hate to say it but it’s true – is a health food wasteland. Oh, it’s bad. You’ll find one chain restaurant after the other and I had the displeasure of eating at the chow hall a few times. The “salad bar” is stacked with iceberg lettuce and watery tomatoes; from what I remember, they mainly offer burgers, deep-fried chicken and pizza. It’s appalling.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with eating some fast food here and there but if that is your only option everyday of the week in a place where physical fitness and health is imperative, you just have to wonder. I hate for my man to eat any of that highly processed, nutritionally worthless stuff they serve around post so it is high time we make more freezer back up meals (in case there aren’t any leftovers or we don’t have the time to cook).

So this is my new favorite: Spinach Nutmeg Pie with or without wild salmon. Both variations are absolutely scrumptious! Nutmeg is one of my favorite spices and I have a couple of recipes I basically created just so I could add nutmeg to it – my Spaghetti Squash Lasagne is one of them!

If you don’t like making pie, you can simply use a casserole dish instead of a spring form.

You can either freeze this pie before you cook it or after. I usually freeze it afterwards as defrosting & reheating takes no time as opposed to defrosting & baking. I’m very happy with this recipe – I hope you will enjoy it as much as we have!

Spinach Nutmeg Pie with Wild Salmon {Vegetarian Option}



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  1. Susan says

    Rose, this sounds delicious. It has occurred to me that feta cheese would be nice in this, especially if it’s made from sheep’s milk, which has a milder flavor, perhaps in place of the cream cheese? I also like that you can just make this as a casserole – that fits with how my kitchen is equipped. Thank you for posting this recipe.

    • Rose says

      Susan, Feta cheese would be great in this dish! I’ll have to try it out next time. I decided to stick with milder flavors because I wanted the nutmeg and salmon to shine. Great idea, though! Thanks for the suggestion!

  2. says

    Do you ever have those days where you can’t decide what to eat so you check friend’s blog to see what they’ve been up to? Well, lets just say I’ve just gotten home from work but now I need to leave home to buy some salmon!
    I’m going to use mild goats cheese instead of cream cheese too I think, only because I’ve got a fair amount of it in the fridge! Thanks for the recipe for dinner tonight 😉

    • Rose says

      Ally, I’m glad you like the recipe! I’m sure goats cheese would be fabulous in this dish, too! Let me know how it turned out :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. Roberta Keller says

    This one is my favourite!

    I have done about 5 times and my husband really love this. From time to time he asks me to make the “spinach pie” for him.

    Beside of the unspeakable taste, it is also so easy and pleasant to prepare!

    • Rose says

      Hi Roberta, I am super glad to hear you’re enjoying the “spinach pie” :) We’ll be making it Sunday again.
      Have a wonderful holiday season!!


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