Tiramisu Double Chocolate Brownies (grain free, refined sugar free)

Tiramisu Double Chocolate Brownies (grain free, refined sugar free)

These grain free, coffee flavored double chocolate brownies are topped with a rich, lightly sweetened amaretto flavored mascarpone cream and will delight any of you tiramisu lovers out there! This is a guest post for Tasty Yummies .

This week, I posted for Beth over at Tasty Yummies! Beth went on a month long yoga instructor training so I took it upon myself to create something extra special for her and her readers: Tiramisu Double Chocolate Brownies which are, of course, grain free and refined sugar free!

I’m not in a habit of bragging about my recipes but I truly love these Tiramisu Brownies! Even after the third batch (my third and final to make sure the recipe is in order), I still enjoyed every last bite of these coffee flavored treats!

The tiramisu cream is based on the original Italian recipe for tiramisu; instead of Amaretto, though, I used almond extract to give the cream it’s typical flavor. I also added egg yolks which can be omitted if you’re uncomfortable with raw eggs.

Head on over to Tasty Yummies for the recipe!

Tiramisu Double Chocolate Brownies (grain free, refined sugar free)

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  1. says

    All I can say is WOW! This looks like the kind of dessert I would order at a fancy restaurant after much oohing-and-ahhing at the glass cakes cabinet. You’ve outdone yourself, this is masterful!

    • Rose says

      Ally, I’m super glad you like my Tiramisu Brownies! Not sure they are fancy restaurant worthy but I’ll take the compliment and run 😉

  2. Natasha says

    Ola!! Simply awesome. Would like to know what is dusted on the top , to give it a fancy look ??

    • Rose says

      Hi Natasha! I used some cocoa powder to dust the top. Some people use coffee but the flavor is waaaayyy too strong for me :)

  3. says

    I checked out the recipe on Tasty Yummies and must say, it looks great! Thanks also for introducing me to Beth’s blog, it looks like something I might enjoy! :)

  4. Susan says

    Wow, Rose! This sounds absolutely wonderful. I’ve never had Tiramisu before, but I can tell when ingredients would go well together, and this sounds like perfection. Thanks for posting it.

    • Rose says

      Hi Susan! You *must* try real Tiramisu! It’s a dream!! Thanks so much for your comment – have a wonderful day!! :)

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